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sobre o projeto

About the Project

Agenda 2100 is a transmedia project of global scale that joins an audiovisual concept (short film, series and TV) with an educational socioenvironmental app game that aims towards the teaching and sensibilization of the audience regarding the content and importance of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by ONU that are supposed to be met until 2030. The projects objective is to contribute to a new culture of sustainability in the world via a playful, interactive and engaging method.

sinopse do filme

Movie Synopsis

The film takes place in 2100, humanity is on the brink of extinction and the planet is out of it’s natural resources due to “super-pollution”. A team of experts goes back in time in 2020 with the mission of introducing to humanity a new way of life, a more sustainable one, through a digital plataform.

Upon arrival on nowadays, the 2100’s experts reach out to comedian and digital influencer Oscar Filho so they can make the plataform go viral. If the new behaviors are thoroughly embraced, humanity won’t be extinct! We still have time!

a série

The Series

The film, edited in a short-movie format, will be the first episode of series composed by 20 episodes. The idea is to film each episode in one of the capitals of the G20 countries, highlighting the local challenges and the solutions in relation of the 17 SDGs through different parts of the world.

The two first episodes will present a dramatization of the scientific forecasts drawn for 2100.

The intention is to alert the audience and attract their attention to the urgency towards a global and integrated mobilization to a new way of living and thinking.

The rest of the episodes will present solutions on a individual and institutional levels that can be incorporated by all of us, so the 17 SDGs can be carried out until 2030. Thus, the public will be invited to implement the changes shown in the series using an app-game as an information and technical support tool. 


 The App-game

The App-game will be presented on the series first episode (the short film), inviting the audience to download and play it and this invitation will be repeated through out the series in each of it's episodes. The game will be based off of ONU's book The Lazy's Person's Guide to Saving the World, on witch are presented 42 tips that each one of us can adopt to help the planet reach the SDG's. The goals will be divided in 3 categories according with the level of engagement and difficulty of the behaviour shift and in a mileage-like system, players that have reached a determined set of points will be able to enjoy services and products of the game's business partners.

como apoiar

How to Support

The project is certified to be sponsored by Ancine.

Companies that declare their income tax under the real profit scheme can donate 4% of their income tax with 100% tax exemption. To support, it is necessary to access the data of the project that is able to capture through the Official GazetteDiário Oficial da União


Executive Producer:

Stephanie H. Ring


Rachel Abrantes




Mari Sodre & Stephanie H. Ring

Produção de Captação:

Lela R. Marcílio, Greg Habib

Digital Communication:

Marina Ring, Rachel Abrantes

& Diana Jalonetsky

Site Designer:

Paula Moraes & Diana Jalonetsky

Celi Pereira, Maria de Fátima Alexandre &
Nádia Pontes

equipe teaser

Teaser's Crew

André Barroso 


Gabriela A. Burim

Director: André Barroso

Executive Producer: Stephanie H. Ring

Executive Producer Assistant: Gabriela A. Burim
Producer: Alexandrina Santos

Script: Stephanie H. Ring
Decoupage: André Barroso e Pedro Vieira
Storyboard: André Barroso
Art Director: Vitória Abreu
Finalização de Personagens: Vitória Abreu, Marcella Reis, Filipe Martins, Julia Alcaide
Sonoplasty: Rafael Fontcuberta
Anima: André Barroso, Felipe Ribeiro e Pedro Vieira
Edição e Finalização: André Barroso


Alexix: Stephanie H. Ring
Greg: Felipe Ribeiro
TK: Rafael Fontcuberta
Matheus: Pedro Vieira
Pacha-Mama: Vitória Abreu
Diego: André Barroso


About Araruna Filmes

Founded in 2012 Araruna Filmes, is a digital and audiovisual content producer whose productions are focused on creating media of social and environmental impact and sustainability. 
The Producer has already won over 100 awards and worldwide nominations such as: Cannes, Gramado, Brasilia, Rio, LAIFF Awards, Bafta UKs Oscar.
In 2014 the producer was recognized worldwide as COMPANY B. The seal certifies that the company uses the power of business as a force for social and environmental transformation on the planet.





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